Five Finger Prayer Guide

As a child, I was taught a wonderful prayer which could be said with the help of your fingers. This simple, beautiful prayer transcends religion and touches upon everything you should pray for. If you have never heard of it, below is a simple representation of the 5 finger prayer.

Thumb - closest to the body - pray for those closest to you

Index finger - Used to point - pray for those in authority

Middle finger - tallest finger - pray for leaders

Ring finger - weakest finger - pray for those who are weak

Pinky finger - smallest finger - pray for yourself

As 2014 comes to an end, I cannot think of a more fitting way to reminisce.

I respect that religion is a personal choice for everyone, but I'd like to think praying for someone else can only be a good thing. So here's my little prayer for the year that's gone by and the year that we are stepping into. And I'm doing a blog post on this so every person reading it has said a little prayer for someone else by the end of it :)

Dear God,

Thank you for the wonderful family and friends I am blessed with. In a world where people are losing their loved ones in sickness, natural disasters and crime, I am grateful for being able to wake up everyday knowing that my family and friends are safe and in good health. I am grateful that I can live in the security that I have their support and comfort whenever I need it. I pray that my loved ones stay healthy and safe in the coming year. And I pray for those who do not have the comfort of family and friends around them. May they seek comfort in you.

Thank you for those who have guided me over the years. My first teachers - my parents, and all those who have played a role in moulding me into the person I have become. I thank you for my spouse who has the tough role of guiding me in the choices I make everyday. I am grateful for the wonderful mentors who support me in my career and help me to grow. I pray that every person who has the power in them to guide and influence, uses it to teach another person the ways of a good life.

Thank you for those who lead me. I am grateful for the fine leadership displayed by those who lead the communities and the industry I am part of. I am indebted to the wonderful leaders of the countries I call home, who work towards the well-being of their people. I pray that all those in power around the world work towards the betterment of humanity and encourage their people to seek the best in themselves. 

Thank you for the comfortable life you have provided me with. It makes me realise everyday how fortunate I have been and how I need to look past trivial problems and count my blessings. I pray with all my heart for the sick, the poor, the troubled and every person who is struggling to be happy. I pray especially for those in countries which desperately need peace. I hope they find comfort in you and stay hopeful of better times to keep them going. May 2015 be the year of peace and happiness for each of them.

And finally, thank you for the year that was. Thank you for being with me at every step, holding my hand and guiding me to see all that is beautiful. For making the last year one that I learnt from immensely, and one that shaped me into who I am as I start this new year. All I pray for is that I have the patience and wisdom to find the best in me, and give back to the world a little something everyday.