Christian Faith Based Articles


  1. Secrets of Financial Empowerment
  2. Doing business without money
  3. Effective Time Management
  4. The Righteous Shall Flourish like a Palm Tree Psalm 92:12
  5. The Principles of Biblical Prosperity
  6. Covenant Wealth
  7. The Effective Christian Manager
  8. Praying Through for a breakthrough



1.        Secrets of Financial Empowerment


Beloved, I wish above all things that you Prosper and be in health even as your soul Prospers  3John2


Financial Empowerment is having resources and finances flowing into you/ your account every month, with you being able to cover your outgoings, Being blessed and having more than enough to be a blessing to other people. It empowers you to decide if, when and where you want to work.


To be financially empowered, You will need to create multiple streams of income, This will involve building a MONEY TREE, acquiring MONEY SKILLS  and imbibing the HABITS OF WEALTHY PEOPLE. However we will look at how to grow a money tree in this article


What is a MONEY TREE, it stands for

  • M – Multiple streams of Income
  • O – Outstanding product
  • N – Not much Cash outlay
  • E – Essential Product or Service
  • Y – Yeild
  • T – Trends and Time
  • R – Residual Income
  • E – Employee resistance
  • E –  Enthusiasm


M – Multiple streams of Income – The reason for becoming an entrepreneur is to have another stream of Income. You need to have money coming in from Real Estate, Portfolio / Investment income and from a business enterprise which can be a brick and mortar business or over the internet.


O – Outstanding product – In business, you’re going to sell either

(1) Information (2) Product or (3) Service., to succeed and create a money tree, whatever you get involved in must be in the top 5%, i.e. outstanding. If it is not outstanding, it will become a casualty of competition, Your product or service must have the possibility to be permanently & perpetually profitable.


N – Not much Cash outlay – Your product or service should not require excessive cash outlay. Think outside the box and be creative in your thought process. It is not advisable to go into debt while creating your product. Use your six personal wealth resources to develop your product or service i.e. Your mind, Body, Spirit, time, people and money.


E – Essential Product or Service - Find a product / service that has perpetual relevance to everybody. A product that will continually be in demand regardless of the economic situation


Y – Yeild - The return on the business should cover expenses and a return on investment with possibility of increasing the yield. A minimum yield of 10% should be the target, however aim for a 15% or more yield.


T – Trends and Time – Select a business on trend at the right time. Move with the trend, update yourself. Trends for the future * healthcare * Investment Advice * Information technology * Speciality retailing e.g. home service * Entertainment * retirement planning.


Other topics that can lead to a lucrative info-products business include

   Generic business how-to topics covering activities or challenges all businesses face

   Income-generation strategies for different types of businesses and consumers

   Personal finance topics

   Personal growth and self-help topics such as success strategies, health, relationships

   Life skills such as parenting, mental health and religious lifestyle

   Professional training and career development


R – Residual Income – Create money streams that flow to you even after you stop working. This would call for a mind shift from linear income mentality to residual income mentality. You should no longer be willing to rent out your brain and body to the highest bidder, X hours equals £Y of salary in linear fashion. Now when you produce something, you must own part of it. This is shifting from “monkey trap income “to Money tree income”


E – Employee resistance – Create monetary business that require not too many employees or if possible, have your employees on contract. Try to create a virtual Corporation. eBook on creating a virtual corporation available at www.yBusiness


E – Enthusiasm – You have to love what you do as it’s easier to become successful in whatever you love doing. It will also be easier to convince people to buy your product.


Article by Bibi Bunmi Apampa , A  Business Coach and Wealth Strategist at and Director of The Empowerment Centre. She has helped many people start and grow their own business by creating multiple streams of income. 


2. Doing business without money


“thou shalt remember the Lord thy God, It is he that giveth thee the power to get wealth


“I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospereth” 3John2


“In the morning, sow thy seed, In the evening, withhold not thy hand, for thou knowest not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good” Eccl 11:6


Is it possible to do business without money , The answer is yes however this will involve thinking outside the box, have time on your hands and be ready to read and learn to do things hands on by yourself.


We will look at traditional ways of doing business without money and also Internet/ On line opportunities of doing business without money. The future trend is to do business via internet and not just in the traditional “brick & mortar fashion”


Traditional ways of doing business without money would involve

  • Selling a specialist skill or service – doctors, solicitor, graphic artist, accountant, book keeper, Antique furniture restorer, Baker, caterer, hair dresser, interior designer/decorator, driving instructor, personal Trainer, Nail Technician.
  • Consultancy – life coach, counselling services, Diet coach, Management Consultant, mortgage consultant,
  • Becoming a broker / middleman in business transactions – joint venture, property finder, property manger, ebay drop point, virtual assistant,
  • Agency/ franchise – manufacturers representative, distributor, child care agency, debt collection agency, letting agency,
  • Turning your hobby or talent to a business eg cake decorating, bee keeping, dress making, events organiser, garden designer, soft furnishing, wedding planner, language translator
  • Multi level /Network Marketing – mary kay, virgin vie, herbal life, avon, tupper ware


Internet/ On line opportunities of doing business without money


·         Ebay trader – everything you havenot used in your house for six months, you probably don’t need, learn how to sell them off on ebay

·         Affiliate marketing – selling other peoples products for a commission

·         Joint ventures – a form of partnership

·         Infopreneur – creating your own digital products for sale

·         Sell Adverts –  either through google adsense or banner adverts.


We will look at this in detail later


How to start the process.

 First, make a list of all your gifts. In other words, what talents or characteristics do you possess that are special? What makes you unique? Include on your list those positive areas where you are a contrarian or a deviant or a rebel. Your power lies on this list.

Now make a second list of all those things you love to do or feel passionately about. Include on this list the answer to this key question: what do I GIVE that when I'm giving it I am filled with great joy. Chances are that you love giving what you have in abundance. And what do you have in abundance? Those gifts or talents you put on the first list.

Third step is to think of ways of monetising  SEVERAL of your talents, gifts, passions, and unique characteristics at the same time.


We will look at a 7 step Process to starting business with or without money


  • Find a hungry market/ audience with a problem – People buy a product for two reasons, (1) to solve a problem (2) to feel good. See how you can take advantage of this.
  • Develop/ buy/ produce/supply a product or service guaranteed to solve the problem that will sell. Its important to know the most cost effective mode of delivery
  • Develop your marketing plan /strategy – on the internet is called “Sales Copy”
  • Design your brochure / marketing package – ie business structure, identity, name, leaflets, complimentary card, For internet business it will be to build your website with the ability to receive payment
  • Find a way to develop an on going relationship with clients – people buy “you” before your product.
  • Market through proven channels
  • Automate the process.


Article by Bibi Bunmi Apampa , A  Business Coach and Wealth Strategist at  and Director of The Empowerment Centre. She has helped many people start and grow their own business by creating multiple streams of income



Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven


Ecclesiastes 3:17 “There is a time for every purpose and every work”


Ephesians 5:15-16 “See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil,”


Time is your gift from God, Time is creative, an acorn with time becomes an oak tree, Babies becomes leaders affecting millions, N100 saved per month at 10% over time of 40 years results in N1.2million.


Everybody starts each day with the same quota of 24hrs whether young or old, rich or poor, Every human has received the same amount of time, The difference is how you choose to invest your time.


We are going to view Time Management from three angles

  • 7 laws of Time Management
  • 7 facts you should know about Managing your Time
  • 7 tips in making your Time count.



7 laws of Time Management


Everything you are today and everything you become in the future will be determined by the way you think and the way you use your time. Your attitude toward time is a critical factor in all you do and everything you accomplish. The laws of time management are timeless and eternal. They work everywhere and for everyone, When you align your activities in harmony with these laws and principles, you will begin to accomplish vastly more than you ever thought possible.


  1. The Law of Priorities – Your ability to set clear and accurate priorities on your time determines the entire quality of your life. The Pareto principle says that 20% of your activities will account for 80% of the value of your activities. Thus means that if you have a list of ten items to accomplish, two of those will be worth more than the other eight items altogether. To achieve great things Prioritise your activities and concentrate on the 20% that will give you 80% result. Do this by writing out what you need to get done in a day, “A to-do List” and prioritise the most important on the list that will give you the most result
  2. The Law of Planning  Every minute spent in planning saves ten minutes in execution. It only takes 10 -12 minutes for you to make a plan for your day. This investment of 10-12minutes will save you 100-120 minutes in execution. This is an increase in productive time of approximately two hours per day or a 25% increase in productivity and performance


  1. The Law of Timing & Sequentiality – Time management enables you to control the timing and the sequence of events in your life and thereby enable you to take complete control of your life. You decide to do certain things before you do others, by making new choices and better decisions, you put your hands on the wheel of your life and steer it in the direction that you really want to go


  1. The law of Leverage- Archimedes the Greek philosopher once said “Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand and I can move the world” Develop your ability to pull together other people’s effort OPE other people’s knowledge OPK and other people’s money OPM, other people’s ideasOPI you can accomplish vastly more in the same period of time than someone who is forced to rely on his or her own personal energy and resources


  1. The Law of Timeliness – The ability to act faster than anyone else can be your greatest asset. Time is the currency of the 21st century. Your ability to set priorities and then to move fast and get the job done quickly and well is the most valued set of time management skills in the workplace,


  1. The Law of Practice – Continuous practice of a skill reduced the time required to perform the task and increase the output achieved. The more you practice a key skill the less time it takes you to perform the same task.
  2. The Law of Time pressure – There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important things. Parkinson’s Law says “Work expands to fill the time allotted for it” however the reverse is also true. Work contracts to fill the time allotted to it” use this law by setting deadlines for yourself that forces you to complete tasks on time



7 facts you should know about Managing your Time


  1. Anything Significant in your life will require the investment of time. Invest time in your “
    Love Circle
    ” those you love and whose activities affect your life e.g. family, mentors/mentees, close friends and staff


  1. Time Invested in Preparation will repay you a thousand times over. Jesus referred to those who took the time to invest in the foundation of a house on a rock were wise.


  1. Your attitude toward time is revealed every time you make an appointment with someone. Punctuality sends a message – Time matters to me.


  1. Successful negotiations will always require the investment of time – those who overcome the temptation to hurry.. always control the transaction


  1. It is your responsibility to train those around you to respect your time– you do so by respecting their own time as well


  1. Time invested in Rest and Restoration of your energy will reduce tour stress level- take time out to rest and refresh yourself, Jesus always took time out to rest and in retreat


  1. Invest time in your personal “ME-time” diet, physical fitness and body exercise – Do not abuse your body it is the temple of God, Eat right, exercise at least 30mins daily, remove self from stressors or remove stressors from self, Blessed is the person who is too busy to worry in the daytime and too sleepy to worry at night, Maintain positive attitude, act positively towards people, and do not react to the negativity of others


7 tips in making your Time count


1.    Focus on carefully planning the next 24 hours, 7days, next 30 days, 1 year, etc your Goals, personal development,  career and business development

2.    Schedule quiet time with God in prayer, praise and worship for wisdom, guidance and direction.

3.    Schedule time to Monitor, Mentor and Motivate your “Love Circle"

4.    Schedule time for restoration – A nap or simply relaxing, winding down and distressing yourself

5.    Schedule time for body exercise- it keeps you alert, healthy, focused and extends your life span

6.    Guard access to yourself – qualify those who enter your arena of life. Avoid time wasting friends, They must desire what you possess or must possess something you desire.

7.    Unclutter your life by uncluttering your day. Eliminate the things God did not specifically tell you to do. Live a simple life


Recognizing and Respecting the miracle gift of time will multiply your productivity, Increase your financial worth and make every moment of relationships valued.




Article by Bibi Bunmi Apampa , A Business Coach and Wealth Strategist at  and Director of The Empowerment Centre. She has helped many people start and grow their own business by creating multiple streams of income




Why would God give us a promise using the Palm tree as illustration, I meditated on this verse and I got excited and felt adrenalin pumping thinking of the palm tree.


Let me share with you the reason for the adrenalin flowing and how I use the promise in Psalm 92:12 about the palm tree to pray daily now.


  • Lets start with the tree called palm tree – it stands for long life, it is ever green, self nurturing, tall and elegant, a beauty to behold, it beautifies the environment and speaks of serenity. I have never seen a barren palm tree, it is always fruitful
    • Lord God help me standout like the palm tree, nurture me Lord, make me strong, God beautify me, keep me peaceful and fruitful with no sign of barrenness in any aspect of my life.

  • The Palm tree has bounce-back power. Have you seen a palm tree in the midst of a great storm? The tree maybe bent over with its leaves almost touching the ground, but when the wind finally stops, the palm tree bounces back, it actually grows stronger when hunched over under the pressure of the storm.
    • I  pray God to make me like the palm tree so that when the storms of life come, and when the winds blow during difficult times, may I bounce back stronger than before with a seven fold return for my troubles.

  • The palm wine from the palm tree is sweet, bubbly, fresh, no one knows its secret recipe and it has medicinal value and has been used as a sedative where medicine is not available.
    • Lord may I always receive fresh insight from you, may my secrets never be exposed, keep me bubbly as your joy is my strength, Be my comfort and my healer, nothing broken nothing missing.
  • The palm tree leaves is used in flower arrangements  Event Centre decorations. It is used to make the local broom and mats used in Africa.The palm tree is the main material for making thatched roofs. Leaf fibers and empty fruit bunches are used to produce chipboard and plywood. After plantations are cleared out, the trunks of old palms can be used to make furniture.

    • Father, enlarge my coast, enlarge my tent, lengthen my cords, strengthen my stakes, may my resources spread out to the right and to the left, make me too relevant to be ignored.

  • The palm tree fruits ie palm kernels has many economic uses for those interested in creative business ideas


1.    The palm fruit can be eaten raw as a snack

2.    The palm kernel shell, Empty fruit bunches, Palm fibre, and  which is the waste products are all put to economically useful purpose. They could therefore be referred to as by-products rather than waste products. Wet, empty bunches are partly dried in the sun and later used as fuel. Another economic use for the empty bunches is to return them to the plantation as a mulch to enhance moisture retention and organic matter in the soil. The palm kernel shell is also used as a source of fuel for the boilers and a substistute for charcoal and firewood. Palm nut shell is also used in the preparation of pozzolana, a cement substitute material

3.    The palm kernel Cake (PKC) a by product is an export item in high demand. palm kernel meal, a by product of palm oil, is used in the production of concentrated foods and as a supplement in animal food

4.    Palm oil is part of our world in many more ways than we imagine. It is present at home, work, in restaurants, and even cars rely on the countless uses of palm oil. As technology develops in our fast-paced worlds, and the need for healthy diets, new uses of palm oil develop too

a.   Palm oil is rich in carotene important in combating vitamin A deficiency common in many developing countries

b.   palm oil is an excellent source of tocotrienols, which are powerful anticarcengic substances and help against thrombosis

c.    palm oil is also referred to as ‘gold oil' for its perfect balance of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids which do not adversely affect cholesterol levels

d.   The composition of palm oil, together with its natural consistency, appearance, pleasant smell and its resistant nature makes it an ideal ingredient in the development and production of a variety of edible oils, in particular margarines and fats

e.   Palm oil is also considered one of the best oils for frying. This is because it can resist high temperatures and does not produce unpleasant smells. Palm oil as such is used in the home, in restaurants and during the mass production of fried potatoes, French fries, puffy hor'dourves, pies, ring-shaped pastries and doughnuts

f.      Palm and kernel oils are used in the production of oleochemical products such as fatty acids, fatty esters, fatty alcohols, which all contain glycerol and fatty nitrogen.

g.     Non-edible uses of palm oil include:• Soaps and detergents • Candles • Cosmetics • Lubricating greases for machinery used in the production of edible foods • Grease for bread molds and bread making equipment • Grease used to protect tanks, pipelines and similar instruments which remain uncovered and in the open air • Drilling mud for the petroleum industry • Epoxidated palm oil used to plastify and sterilize products in the plastics industry, in particular during the production of PVC • Glue • Printing inks • Biodiesel • Metallic soaps for the manufacture of lubricating grease and metallic dryers • Steel cold rolling proceses • Tinplate rolling • Acids to lubricate fibers in the textile industry

5. The use of palm oil for biofuel and as biomass for energy

Palm oil is the second most traded vegetable oil crop in the world, after  soy.However, palm oil is now starting to be used as an ingredient in bio-diesel and as a fuel to be burnt in power stations to produce electricity. 

This is a new market for palm oil which has the potential to dramatically increase global demand for this commodity. The development of the oil palm industry in Indonesia and Malaysia has brought great economic benefits to both countries.

Father, Make me a living testimony, A useful vessel in your hand, too relevant to be ignored in my  community, nation and the world. Grant me the wisdom to create multiple streams of income to enable me finance the gospel and the vision you have placed in my heart. May I never be a castaway in Jesus name. Amen

The Righteous Shall Flourish like the Palm Tree (Psalm 92:12), May we all flourish like the palm tree in Jesus name Amen


Article by Bibi Bunmi Apampa , A  Business Coach and Wealth Strategist at and Director of The Empowerment Centre. She has helped many people start and grow their own business by creating multiple streams of income




The world calls you prosperous when they see you have much and keep but in GodsKingdom, Prosperity is determined by how much you give. There is one major law & three principles of Prosperity.


The Law is found in Job 22:21- Submit to the Lord, and be at peace with him. In this way Prosperity will come to you.


We know that God delights in the prosperity of his servant




1.    Tithes                           2. Offerings                 3. First Fruits

Tithes- This represents 10% of your increase, it is your tithes that opens the window of heaven. It belongs to God it is a debt you owe God.


According to Lev. 27:32 “And concerning the tithes of the herd, or of the flock even of whatsoever passeth under the rod, the tenth shall be holy unto God.”


If you rob God or eat or spend out of your tithe, God will charge you 20% because it belongs to him.


And if a man will at all redeem ought of his tithes, he shall add the fifth part thereof” Lev 27:31


Your tithe is paid to where you receive your spiritual nourishment mal. 3:10- Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse.



1.     Open Heavens- Divine Provisions – Mal 3:10

2.     Pour out blessing- Divine Prosperity – Mal 3:10

3.     Rebuke Devourer- Divine Protection – Mal 3: 11

4.     Not destroy Fruit of the hand- Divine Productivity – Mal 3:11

5.     Vine shall not cast Fruit before time – Divine Preservation- Mal 3:11

6.     All nations call you blessed- Divine Peace- Mal 3:12

7.     You will be a delight some land- Divine Peace – Mal 3:12


OFFERINGS- This is what you give over and above your tithe; it is what is multiplied back to you

1.     Seed offering

2.     Release offering

3.     Thanksgiving offering Lev 22 29

4.      Peace Offering

5.   Prophets Offering- widow of Zarapheth Shunamite woman Mat10:41- Receive a prophet & receive Prophet reward

6.    Offering to the Poor - Deut. 15:11- Open thine hands to the poor & needy     in the land

7.       Giving to Gods work- Deut. 16:10- Don’t come before God Empty handed Ex 23:15

8.         Resurrection Seed

9.          Holy Convocation seed- Passover, Pentecost, Feast of Tabernacles

10.      Exodus 23:14, Lev 23

11.       Sin Offering


1.     Blessed- Empowered to prosper

2.     Deliverance in trouble

3.     Protection

4.     Preservation

5.     Blessed in the land

6.     Not be delivered to enemy

7.     Restoration from bed of illness




1.     Double harvest – Joel 2:23

2.     Full Harvest – v. 24

3.     Continuous Supply & overflow- Vs 24

4.     Restoration Vs. 26

5.     Abundance – Vs. 26

6.     Satisfaction – Vs. 27

7.     Shamefree -  Vs. 27

8.     Revelation & Inspiration – Vs 28


First Fruits. – Rom 11:16, Prov. 3:9-10, Exodus 22:29-30, Deut 26: 8-15, Lev. 23:10


First Fruit is not your tithe. It’s the 1st increase of your harvest, your increase in salary/promotion, increase from one level to another. First salary profit in the year.


You Determine What You Want To Give

Exodus 23:16- celebrate the feast of the Harvest with the first Fruits of the land. In African Traditional culture- we are taught to give our first salary to our parents for blessings.


Who do you give your First Fruits?

-          Church                                     - Parents

-          Pastor/Priest                             - Spiritual Father/ Authority

Your first fruit should go to “ Your High Priest” one who stands as Spiritual Covering / Authority over you


Ezekiel 44:33- The best of all the first fruits and of all your special gifts will belong to the Priest. You are to give them the first Portion of your ground meal so that a blessing may rest on your household.


Number 18:15-16 - I give you all the finest olive oil and all the finest new wine, they give the Lord as first fruits of the harvest all the lands first fruits that they bring to the Lord, will be yours.

Remember Romans 11:6 – If the part of the dough offered as first fruits is holy, then the whole batch is holy. If the root is holy, so are the branches.


The blessing from the Tithe, Offering & First fruits moves you from one level to another according to your level of obedience.


Article by Bibi Bunmi Apampa , A  Business Coach and Wealth Strategist at and Director of The Empowerment Centre. She has helped many people start and grow their own business by creating multiple streams of income





There is no such thing as lack of money but lack of ideas and the wisdom that would translate the ideas into fruitful ventures that will be a blessing to people and inflow of financial resource.


The factory does not make money; it only manufatures products someone created to meet a human need.  The idea is from God the source of all good ideas.


God has promised wisdom with Prudence and witty inventions.  It is possible to be wealthy outside the kingdom but it is only the gift of God that maketh rich and added no sorrow


So how do people get wealth outside the kingdom through human means?


-          Human wisdom

-          Human strength

-          Involvement in too many different jobs

-          Dubious acts, gambling, 419, forgery e.t.c


Characteristics of wealth outside the kingdom


  1. Pride  -  Look at Herod in Acts 12  -  the voice of God and not of man, - Nebuchadnezzar - 7years demotion into animal kingdom
  2. Insecurity - Lk 18:18-23   rich man told to sell all that he had.
    Temporal - Ps 73:18
  4. Sorrowful - Tim 6:19


Covenant/Kingdom Wealth - Characteristics


  1. Humility  -  Humble thyself under the mighty hand of God and in due time he will exalt you.


  1. Sorrow –free  -  Prov 10:22 – The blessing of  God maketh rich and added no sorrow with it.


  1. Durability  -  Whatsoever the Lord doeth it shall be forever Ecc 3:14, Rom 11:29


  1. Increases  -  Prov 4:18  -  The path of the just is as shinning light that shineth more and more into a perfect day.


A covenant is a contract involving at least 2 parties.  In our case, the covenantor is God and the covenantee is man.


The reason we are given the power to get wealth is to establish the covenant  as stated in Gen 12, Ps. 89:34 – My covenant I will not break; Jer 33:20-21


Unless you can stop the day from appearing and the night from coming in then nothing can stop God’s covenant with his people.


Every morning you wake up and see the sun, you know that the covenant power of God in force.


God never changes  in Mal 3:6  -  I am the Lord, I changeth not, Heb6:18 affirms this  -  God with whom it is impossible to lie and Titus 1:2 affirms “God that cannot lie”.


So if God says he has power to give you wealth, from witty inventions and creative ideas, then it is left to you to determine whether that wealth comes to you or not.


You have to be in agreement with God.  The covenant demands in Gen 8:22  that while the earth remains, seedtime and harvest shall not cease.  So how do you tap into this covenant? 


How do you key into the Covenant


(1)SOWING:  You cannot expect to harvest when you do not sow.  So learn how to sow;

     -  in the word

     -  in prayer time

     -  in action & energy

     -  in deeds & resources

     -  in diligence

         -  in hardwork

Eccl 11;6   In the morning, sow thy seed in the evening withhold not thy hand, for thou knowest not whither shall prosper, either this or that or whether both alike good.


Remember seeds grow continuously and not instantaneously,  if you sow continuously, you will reap continuously.

(a) Know your seed  -  What is that thing that pertaineth life and Godliness that God has given you?


(b) Develop your seed  - Training, Apprenticeship, understudy your market etc


(c) Perseverance & Diligence  - Practice and Practice till you get it right


(d) Launch out in faith 


(e) Never Compromise on Quality



(2)Obedience  -  to God and his messenger like the widow of Zarephath. 

Job 36:11  If they obey and serve me they shall spend their days in prosperity and their years in pleasure

Isaiah1:19 If ye be willing and obedient ye shall eat the good of the land;

Ps 112:1-3 wealth and riches shall be in his house


See obedience in the life of Abraham  the father of faith and Joseph  in Portiphar’s house


(3)Keep Open the Windows of Heaven  -


Pay your tithes and keep your Vows to the Lord -  Why?

    - Heavenly Father, the giver of all good things is in heaven Mt.5:4-5

-          All durable treasures are in heaven Mt. 6:20

-          Your guardian angels watch over you from heaven Mt. 18:10

-          When God send angels they came from heaven Lk 22:43

-          When God speaks he speaks from heaven Jn 12:28


(4)                      Seek Wisdom


When you sincerely seek wisdom, he will give you supernatural creativity, He will tell you what steps to take to get your needs met.  He will rain down upon you heavenly ideas that lead to profit which will enable you to create wealth.


The bible says “I, wisdom dwell with Prudence and give witty inventions

Prov 9:10 -  the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom


-          Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding


It is God that teacheth thee to profit that leadeth there in the way that thou shouldest go  Isiah48:17


where/How do you start releasing the Annoiting for wealth?  Through

a.    Faith

b.    Giving

c.     Diligence, Perseverance and Hardwork

d.    Divine favour

e.    Confession


1.  FAITH – Faith is the master key, anything not done in faith is sin, Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen – Heb 11.


2.  GIVING – Gen 8:22 – As long as the earth remains, Seedtime and Harvest time shall never cease


     Lk 17:34 – Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure pressed down and shaken together.


     Ph 4:17-19 – Grace of Giving leads to a promise that your needs will be met according to Christ’s riches in glory.



     Gen 26:12-14 – Isaac sowed and in the same year reaped a hundredfold in return. The bible says see a man diligent in his work, he shall stand before Kings and not mere men.


4.  DIVINE FAVOUR – You need to grow in favor with God and man as God’s favor encompasses you around like a shield.  So how do you invoke divine favor?

·         Through Praise and Worship – God dwells in the midst of praise

·         Through Prophet offering – Believe God’s Prophets and you shall prosper.

·         Dedication and Consecration to God.

·         Obedience to God and his messenger


5.  CONFESSION – You shall have whatsoever you say as a man is ensnarled by the words of his mouth.

Article by Bibi Bunmi Apampa , A  Business Coach and Wealth Strategist at and Director of The Empowerment Centre. She has helped many people start and grow their own business by creating multiple streams of income



A manager is “someone who exercises formal authority over the activities of others to achieve objectives”.  His duties include PLANNING, ORGANIZING, STAFFING, LEADING AND CONTROLLING.  This means that he has to be an expert at relating to people.  He should be able to motivate, communicate, direct, correct, discipline, coordinate, teach and reward his subordinates.  He must be professionally competent and capable of coaching his subordinates.  He has to master the technical aspects of the job so that he can earn the respect of his staff and achieve corporate goals.




Put simply, effectiveness is doing the right things.  The manager understands that he is operating in the midst of three major streams of influence:


-                     Employees needs,

-                     Management’s expectations and

-                     Society’s requirements


He realizes that all these pose increasing demands on his skills, his time and his entire person.  The effective Manager realizes the need to centre his life on a force greater than himself – GOD.  He appreciates that:  “It is the Lord who gives wisdom; from Him come knowledge and understanding” – Proverbs chapter 2 v. 6.




We shall assume that a Manager has the professional competence and appreciates the constraints within the environment in which he operates.  He needs to cultivate the following 7 habits, amongst others, in order to achieve a high level of effectiveness.  As we take a close look at each of these habits, we shall draw inspiration from the Holy Bible .  (Remember some of the Managers in the Old Testament:  DANIEL, NEHEMIAH, MOSES, JOSHUA, SOLOMON, DAVID (To mention a few).  The first 3 habits have to do with Private Victory while the remaining 4 habits have to do with Public Victory.




The effective Manager takes the initiative.  He makes things happen.  He identifies what needs to be done, and goes ahead to do it.  He does not wait to be prompted. Let us take a look as NEHEMIAH Chapter 2 v. 5:  “.......If your Majesty is pleased with me, and is willing to grant my request, let me go to the Land of Judah, to the city where my ancestors are buried, so that I can rebuild the city.”


Nehemiah faced the challenge of reconstructing the walls of Jerusalem and restoring the city to its former glory, he did not dithered, he explored all legitimate avenues for assistance and set about the task.




Before you go on a trip, you determine your destination and plan out the best route.  You create speeches on paper before you deliver them.  You design a house before you build it.  The extent to which you begin with the end in mind often determines whether or not you are capable of creating a viable enterprise.  Most business failures begin in the first creation, with problems such as undercapitalization, misunderstanding of the market or lack of a business plan.  The effective Managers, like Nehemiah, begins with the end in mind (NEHEMIAH Chapter 2 v. 18, 13; 17-18).  He inspected the broken walls to get a first hand appreciation of the extent of the damage.  This enabled him to plan, systematically, the work of restruction.  He visualized the old city of Jerusalem in all its splendour and scenic beauty and mobilized people to join him in rebuilding the walls.




The effective Manager is confident; he has tenacity of purpose because he believes that God is with him.  Daniel worshipped God inspite of the decree given by the King.  He was thrown into the lion’s den as punishment but the good Lord whom he served “shut the mouths of the lions so that he escaped unhurt”  (DANIEL 6 v. 10; 16-22).  There are times when the workplace is becoming a battle ground because you stand up for what is right.  Do not be dismayed.  Hear what Moses said to Joshua in DEUT. 31 v. 6: “Be determined and confident.  Do not be afraid of them. Your God, the Lord Himself will be with you.  He will not fail you or abandon you”also in Joshua 1 v. 3-9.




A Win/win mentality sees life as a cooperative, not a competitive arena. It is based on the promise that there is plenty for everybody.  One’s person’s success is not achieved at the expense or exclusion of the success of others.  Create the ABUNDANCE MENTALITY.  Managers with the scarcity mentality have difficulty sharing credit, power and profit – even with those who helped in the production. They have a hard time sharing other people’s joys too.  It is almost as if something is taken from them anytime someone else gets a lift.  These ineffective Managers forget that:  “The world and all that is in it belong to the Lord; the earth and all who live in it” – Psalm 24 v. 1.




This is a tough one!  Most people will rather talk than listen.  Listening is time consuming.  Beside, it is easier to talk than to listen.  But the effective Manager cultivates the art of listening to his boss, his subordinates, his peers and to God.  To relate effectively with others and also with our creator, we must learn to listen. Seek solitude, withdraw like MOSES, periodically to seek communion with God. LISTEN!




Put simply, synergy means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Synergy is team building.  The effective Manager is a good team member.  He adopts the spirit of creative cooperation in all his actions and interactions.  He realizes that individuals have their differences, but chooses to build our strenghts rather than weaknesses.  He appreciates that none of us is as smart as all of us. Here again, I draw on the example of Nehemiah as he galvanized all positive forces towards the rebuilding of the wall – Nehemiah Chapt. 3 v. 1-3.  The high priest Eliashib and his fellow priests rebuilt the Sheep Gate ..........  The men of Jericho built the next section .......... Zaccur son of Imri built the next section..........




Habit 7 is renewal of the four dimensions of our nature as human beings (not just Managers) – PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL, MENTAL and SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL.  The effective Manager finds time to exercise his body as a regular basis in a way that will preserve and enhance his capacity to work.  He may play Tennis, Golf or Jog or just go on a walk.  He also renews himself spiritually.  Renewing the spiritual dimension provides leadership to your life.  The spiritual dimension – COMMITMENT TO GOD – is your core, your centre.  It is the pivot around which everything else operates. The effective Manager finds renewal in daily prayerful meditation on the scriptures. As he reads the Bible, he feels renewed, strenghtened, focused and recommitted to serve God.. You develop an inner peace which comes from regular withdrawal from the noise and vanities of the outside world.  Constant “sharpening of the saw” keeps a Manager on course, he does not get derailed.  He is not conformed to this world but is transformed by the renewal of his mind.  Rom. 12 v. 2.  His prayer is “Create in me a clean heart o God and renew a right spirit within me....Ps. 51 v. 10”


In conclusion, the following actions should be adopted into our lives to enable us remain effective and good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.


1.    Continually desire wisdom – James 1 v. 5 says that if anyone lacks wisdom let him ask God who gives to all men generously and without reproaching and it will be given him.


2.   Never stop learning – You will remain the way you are now in 10 years time except

for 2 things in the books you read (education) and the people you associate with.       Never stop learning, read to improve yourself and keep good associations remember Prov. 13 v. 20 says that he that walketh with wise shall be wise but the companion of

fools shall be destroyed.


2.    Improve Prayerlife – Ps. 55 v. 17 – Evening, morning and noon will I pray and cry aloud and he shall    hear my voice.  Commit your ways unto the Lord, in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path; Prov. 3 v. 6.


4.    Avoid sin, it corrupts mentality and curtails your relationship with God and the flow of blessings and favour.


5.    Avoid pride – Let no man think of himself more highly than he ought.


6.    Order your conversation aright – Eph. 4 vs. 29-30 – Let no foul or polluting language nor evil word come out of your mouth, but only such as good for edifying.  Talk the answer and not the  problem.  In Prov. 12 v. 14 a man shall be satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth and the recompense of a man’s hand shall be rendered unto him.


7.    Praise, Praise & Worship – We know that God inhabits the praises of his people and in Ps. 67 vs. 5-7 we learn that the earth will yield its increase to you after you have praised God.  Giving praise continually to God serves as


*A weapon – Jehosaphat, children of Isreal at the wall of Jericho

*A way into God’s presence – Ps. 100 v. 4 enter his gates with thanksgiving and unto his courts with   praise

*Praise brings revelation – In II Kings 3 vs. 15-16 – Elisha needed a mistral to hear from God

*Praises brings divine intervention – Paul and Silas

*An instrument of Honour Ps. 149 vs. 1,6,9 – You honour God when you praise him.


Article by Bibi Bunmi Apampa , A  Business Coach and Wealth Strategist at and Director of The Empowerment Centre. She has helped many people start and grow their own business by creating multiple streams of income


8. Pray Through for a Breakthrough


To experience the power of true breakthrough prayer and to touch the throne room of God, The first thing you must do is to decide that it is time to receive your miracle.


Jesus walked up to a man at the pool of Bethesda and asked " will thou be made whole?" ( John 5:6) In other words, Jesus said, "whenever you decide, I'm ready to give you the breakthrough you need. When you make up your mind, I'm ready to help you.


There is a need to know how to pray for your personal breakthrough. Below is a guide


1. Decide what you want - Figure out exactly what you want God to do for you


2. Know God's will - If you do not know Gods will in the situation, dont ask. Wait until you know what Gods will is, then pray for it to come to pass.


3. Ask - You dont just "think" your prayer into being, you must say it. You have not fully prayed until you have vocalized it. Jesus said, "Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it to you, Ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full" ( John16:23,24 )


4. Refuse doubt- Realize that the minute you ask anything of God, the devil will immediately tell you it can never happen. Be ready to resist him.


5. Binding and Loosing - " i will give unto thee the keys of the the kingdom of heaven and whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven ( Matthew 16:19). You must bind everything in the spirit realm that is not from God over that situation and loose everything that is God's will for that situation.


6. Praise God for it - Start thanking and praising God for the answer right away. Even if circumstances look just the opposite of what you have asked for, start praising

Article by Bibi Bunmi Apampa , A  Business Coach and Wealth Strategist at  and Director of The Empowerment Centre. She has helped many people start and grow their own business by creating multiple streams of income